Bati Sengul
Batı Şengül
Probability Theory. Postdoc at the University of Bath.

I am currently a postdoc at the University of Bath working with Andreas Kyprianou. Previously I studied for a PhD at the University of Cambridge with Nathanael Berestycki.

You can email me at b.sengul [at] bath()ac()uk.



Deep factorisation of the stable process II; potentials and applications [pdf] [arxiv]
with Andreas Kyprianou and Victor Rivero, submitted
Conditioned subordinators and appdtcations [pdf] [arxiv]
with Andreas Kyprianou and Victor Rivero, submitted
Cutoff for conjugacy-invariant random walks on the permutation group [pdf] [arxiv]
with Nathanaël Berestycki , submitted


Scaling Limit of Coalescent Processes Near Time Zero [pdf] [arxiv]
Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré, to appear
Combined First and Second Order Total Variation Inpainting using Split Bregman [IPOL] [pdf] [code]
with Kostas Papafitsoros and Carola Schoenlieb , Image Processing On Line (2013)

My coauthors

Projects and essays

Geometric Aspects and Mixing Times of Coalescent and Fragmentation Processes (2014)[pdf]
PHD Thesis
Estimates for Dynamics of Coupled Flagella (2011)[pdf]
CCA Short Mini-Project
Random Motions in Spacetime (2010)[pdf]
Part III essay
Introduction to Levy processes (2009) [pdf]
Third year project


Probabilistic approach to coalescent processes (TCC 2016)

Every Tuesday 2-4pm starting from Tuesday 2nd of February. The TCC room at the University of Bath is located in 3 West 4.13.

This graduate course will give an introduction to the rigorous study of coalescent processes. These processes arise from in population genetics as the ancestral relationships of a sample of organisms. Our interest here is purely mathematical. I will introduce Kingman's coalescent and Lambda-coalescents, then present the recent results.

This course will require a solid background in probability (random walks, martingales etc.) Nathanaël Berestycki's book (which is freely available on his website) on this subject is an excellent reference. Jean Bertoin's book on this subject is a little bit more general that what we will be covering, but nevertheless is an other great reference.

I have written up the lecture notes and will be updating them as I go along. If you see any error or typos, please contact me.

Lecture notes

Update 22/03 - Chapters 1,2,3

Exercise sheets

Update 18/02 - Sheet 1


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