My Current Status

I am currently a postdoc at the University of Bath working with Andreas Kyprianou. Previously I studied for a PhD at the University of Cambridge with Nathanael Berestycki.

Academic Interests

My main interests are in probability theory. They could be listed as follows:

  • Coalescent/Branching processes
  • Random metric spaces
  • Random graphs

Latest Blog Enteries

  • Probabilistic Coupling

    Introduction In this post we will be looking at probabilistic coupling, which is putting two random variables (or proceses) on the same probability space. This turns out to be a surprisingly powerful tool in probability and this post will hopefully brainwash you into agreeing with me. Consider first this baby problem. You and I flip coins and […]

  • Primes Less Than a Given Number (2)

    In the previous post we discussed the number of primes less than a given number and derived some very poor estimates for this quantity. In this post, using no extra technical machinery whatsoever, we derive a slightly better estimate. Previously, we used Euclid’s proof of the infinitude of the primes as inspiration for a way […]

  • Primes Less Than a Given Number

    If we are prepared to accept that every number greater than one has a prime divisor, then Euclid?s famous proof of the infinitude of prime numbers is one sentence long: Given any prime number p, if I multiply together all the prime numbers less than or equal to p and then add one, I get […]